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Who Are We?

Eric Stevens

Eric is the founder of MyLi.  He is an entrepreneur at heart since young but has also trained as a designer.  He began working on MyLi in 2011 to create a web resource that younger academics could use to assist them during their studies.  Eric graduated with a Ba (Hons) in Architecture in 2007 from University of Greenwich.  He is a keen rugby fan and tech’ enthusiast when not reading books on self-development.

Naveed Ali

Naveed is the co-founder and looks after all Legal aspects of MyLi.  He is a law graduate from Hertfordshire University.  As someone who likes to keep active and fit, Naveed loves any sports related reads.  When he isn’t reading, he enjoys being active whether it be in the gym or playing badminton, football or computer games.

Rorie Hannigan

Rorie handles marketing for MyLi making sure that everyone comes to discover how easy it is to find your next book.  He studied his Marketing degree at Bournemouth University and has a lot of experience in using social media to grow markets.

Steve Spencer

Steve handles PR and media for MyLi.  He graduated in 2007 with Ba (Hons) Journalism from Southampton Solent University.  Steve and Eric both attended the same Secondary School prior to MyLi and still play rugby together for the Farnham Common Drifters.

Melvyn Niles

Melvyn’s artwork can be found all over MyLi’s website and social media profiles.  Melvyn has created each image on MyLi’s website that illustrate the adventures and life found in the world of books today.

Aaron James

As a member of MyLi’s web design and programming team, Aaron uses his 10 years of experience in the field helping to make MyLi work for you.  Aaron has been building websites since his early days in secondary school and hasn’t been able to shake the bug since.

Grace Owusu

Grace graduated from Nottingham and Brunel University.  As MyLi’s Blog Editor she delivers news in education and digital technology helping to ensure that all readers know what is available to them whenever and wherever.

MyLi Want to join the team?

We are always looking for talented, driven people to join our team.  If you are interested in becoming a member of our team send us an email to info[at] explaining what you can bring to the table.


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