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Here we will show you how to get the most out of MyLi, click the image below to see the basics.

MyLi has many features to improve your reading experience after you register.  Once you have registered you will be able to start streaming books right away and have access to your own personal online library.

* Please note that our i-Reader is compatible with most web browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 and mobile smartphone browsers. The i-Reader is incompatible with earlier versions of Internet Explorer however we are working on it.

It all begins on your MyLi dashboard, My Library.


MyLi will help you to keep track of the books you have discovered in the past that may come in handy at another time all on your History page.

Click on the images of any books for a preview of what the book is about, to share it, how people have rated it or where to buy it, or choose Details to see more information.


Your Bookshelf on MyLi is where you share your favourite discoveries on your MyLi Profile.

Your Profile

Your MyLi profiles shows everyone the type of books you like to read.  For those who like your taste in books can add you to their where they will receive updates every time you changes every time you make changes to your Bookshelf or review a book.

MyLi helps you to keep in the loop with other readers with similar interests.  With MyLi you can add new people to your and see who is following your MyLi profile.


Your Bookmarks will help you to find the right book by allowing you to mark books that you want to return to at a later time.  It will help if you are researching a topic, or looking for a specific book with a common title, by allowing you to go through each book at your own leisure instead of guessing which is the right one.


Your Wishlist will list books that you want to return to at a later date.


The i-Reader on MyLi allows you to take notes whilst reading which is useful if you are reading a book for research or just want to make a general note for later.  You can view, delete or save your notes to PDF from the MyLi dashboard.


MyLi’s i-Reader streams books to you and allows you to floor deeper into books online to help you decide if a book is suited to your needs.


When any of your follows share a new book on their Bookshelf or review a book on MyLi you will receive notification in your Inbox.

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