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Books, eBooks and Reading – Part 1

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Next time you reach for a holiday book think about how far the humble pages have come.  Writing is the system of using symbols and characters to communicate represent information to people.  Many books or reports are used to keep and retain information in order for many generations to use.  From the use of clay tablets, papyrus to writing on wax tablets and parchment, writing has evolved over several centuries to be what it is today.  The papyruses of Greece and Rome led to the collective scrolls and the beginnings of the early book.

In the early days many books were religious texts and had a certain amount of censoring.  Other themes included law, philosophy, cooking, science which were all copied by hand.  Then the invention of the printing press changed everything.  In 1440 Johannes Gutenberg developed a machine that could make books an enterprise, the cost of books decreased and thus the distribution of books grew enormously.

Books were able to be produced in a much shorter time then copying each text by hand.  During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries books ran off printing presses rapidly.  Knowledge spread and books became more affordable and many library’s during the enlightenment period.

From the proliferation of print books to the present day and the invention of ebooks reading has become an important part of our human fabric.  The pursuit of knowledge for all age groups from adults to children has never been so accessible.  Books remain the fabric of all societies and religions but with the power of digital and the many forms it can take, will these various formats create problems or solutions?  The future will tell!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this 3 Part Blog Series from Grace O our new blog editor!

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