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About Us

We work with the Publishers and Self-Publishers around the world and they have provided us with their books to share with you on MyLi to make finding the right book much easier. It is important that you know the book you are about to buy is what you expected and they you do this is by browsing through books without being limited to just the first 10%.

On our website you can:

  • Search through a collection of books,
  • Use our i-Reader to look deeper into the books,
  • See which retailers supply the books, and
  • Share your favourite reads with all your friends on the internet.

You can use MyLi in most browsers, even on mobile devices.  When you sign up to MyLi you will receive free credits which allow you to read through any book on the website.  You will use your MyLi Credits to view the pages of each book.

It is easy to get more MyLi Credits, you can simply share the links provided to a book or review a book on the website (click here to see how to get the most of out MyLi).  MyLi is perfect for you if you’re in education or just like to read.

  • Students – to help with homework by providing reliable sources of information,
  • Educators – to share relevant books on your My.Li profile to help students find the right book,
  • Book lovers – to find a book that suits your taste or needs, or to see what your friends are recommending.
Register with MyLi today to begin your next discovery.  Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think, click here to contact us.

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