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Welcome to See My Library

Now that you have found us you will see how much easier it is to find a great book for any occasion. We have a nickname for our service that we will use a lot, ‘MyLi’, because ‘See My Library’ is a bit of a mouthful.  Plus we think ‘MyLi’ is cute!

Here you can read eBooks on your mobile and desktop web browser once you register.  We have prepared a little video for you to get an idea of some of the ways MyLi can help you.



It is completely free for you to use MyLi, there are no monthly payment subscriptions or other pay-as-you-read terms to our service.  There will be some adverts featuring on some parts of the website but we have put them where they should not interrupt your experience when visiting us.

We are always open to any feedback that you may want to share with us, so much that we have created a multitude of ways to contact us.  You can message us on, or you can email us at info@cMy.Li.

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