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One Smile

Author(s): Cindy McKinley
ISBN: 0935699236
Published date: 7th of July 2003
Tags: smile, kindness, little girl, selfless acts, picture book

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Book Description

When young Katie smiles sweetly at a dejected-looking man in the park, little does she know the amazing chain of events her simple act of kindness has put into motion. Her innocent smile not only brightens this young man’s day, it moves on to touch the lives of countless others. As each person affected by this chain “pays it forward” with their own small act of kindness, it eventually comes full circle back to Katie.

Author Cindy McKinley’s touching story demonstrates the value of helping others, reminding us of our interconnectedness and the powerful impact kindness can have on other people’s lives.

Mary Gregg Byrne’s beautiful watercolor illustrations help readers visualize the far-reaching effects Katie’s smile has on her entire community, making One Smile an inspiring treasure that will be read time and again.

Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Children’s Book, One Smile was also a finalist for the Coalition of Visionary Resources Best Children’s Book Award.

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One Smile by Cindy McKinley

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Thumbs Up Great bed time story
9th of May 2013 by Eric Stevens (Report)

A short story my young niece likes to read before she goes to bed. Strongly recommended for other little ones!

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