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Author(s): Norah McClintock
ISBN: 1554699894
Published date: 1st of April 2012
Tags: murder, family, death, police, friendship, conspiracy

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Book Description

Tracie crumples and falls to the ground. My dad twists around to look at her. He bellows. He lunges at the man again.
A second person falls to the ground.
Only my dad is left standing.

Why would a murderer return to the scene of the crime? And why would he kill again?

Finn watches in horror as his stepmother is gunned down in front of his house. His father reacts and kills the gunman. When Finn learns that the killer is the same man who admitted to killing his birth mother years before, he is shocked and wants to know if this is more than a terrible coincidence. At the police station, he meets Lila, daughter of the killer, and they strike up a wary friendship. Both of them are desperate to find the truth. What they discover hints at a much larger conspiracy.

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Guilty by Norah McClintock

Members' reviews

Thumbs Up Guilty
16th of January 2019 by Aamnah Zia (Report)

Brian med with captivating and gripping turn of events, guilty needs to be on the bookshelves if fans of horror and crime. Cold shivers run down my spine as I turned every page!!!!!

Thumbs Up Thrilling story from the opening!
27th of July 2013 by Nichola Durrant (Report)

I was not expecting the story to begin with so much action from the first chapter! Can't wait to fully immerse myself in the remainder. #BookshelfWorthy!

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