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The Bonemender's Choice

Author(s): Holly Bennett
ISBN: 155143718X
Published date: 1st of October 2007
Tags: pirates, kidnap, adventure, family

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Book Description

The moon sailed free of the shredded clouds and, as though drawn to its own likeness, flooded down onto Madeleine's hair, turning her golden curls into a gleaming beacon. She sat with Matthieu in a dinghy, her round, frightened face a pale moon on earth. Féolan was running before his mind had taken in what he had seen. Someone, somehow, had Dominic's children.

A kidnapping and a deadly plague.

When Dominic's children are kidnapped by raiding pirates, Gabrielle and Féolan find themselves drawn into their most frightening adventure yet, a sea journey into unknown lands. The adventure takes a deadly turn when the Gray Veil, a plague that slowly chokes its victims, strikes the harbor town where the children have been taken. Gabrielle's healing powers are needed as never before, and in the end, it seems, she must choose: She can only save one, her husband or her niece.

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The Bonemender's Choice by Holly Bennett

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6th of March 2019 by Darren Kao (Report)

first four letters of BoneMender's is what i have

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21st of September 2016 by First last (Report)


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