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Out and About with the Big Tree Gang

Author(s): Jo Ellen Bogart, Jill Bogart
ISBN: 1551436035
Published date: 1st of September 2006
Tags: adventure, friends, animals, treasure

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Book Description

"What should we do for fun?" asked Reg.
"I know!" said Burt. "We can go for a bug hunt! You love those, Keely."
"No, Burt," said Keely. "The bugs are getting ready for winter. We can't bother them. See, autumn ruins everything!"
"If we can't go on a bug hunt, maybe we can go on a treasure hunt!" said Shawna.
"That does sound exciting," agreed Keely. "But we don't have a treasure map."

Watch out for winter!

Reg and Keely and Burt and Shawna are back, and ready for new adventures from hunting for treasure to sledding together and building fearsome creatures in the snow.

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Out and About with the Big Tree Gang by Jo Ellen Bogart, Jill Bogart

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