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Jeremy in the Underworld

Author(s): Becky Citra
ISBN: 1551434660
Published date: 1st of March 2006
Tags: sequel, underworld, escape, adventure, mythology

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Book Description

Jeremy blinked. He was sitting beside a swamp. Green slime covered the murky water. Cold clammy fog tickled his face.

Jeremy had just traveled back in time three thousand years. He didn't look any different. He was still wearing his jeans and runners. He didn't feel any different. Except that he was stiff and cold.
He looked around for Aristotle. The cat was sitting on a mossy log, washing his fur.

"The Underworld sure is foggy," said Jeremy.

Aristotle stopped licking. "We aren't in the Underworld yet." He flicked his tail. "You better check the map."

Jeremy and Aristotle can get into the Underworld, but can they get out?

In Jeremy and the Enchanted Theatre, Jeremy traveled to Mount Olympus with an orange cat named Aristotle to save Mr. Magnus's theatre, but Zeus only agreed to help Mr. Magnus if he could solve the riddles on three scrolls. Now, in Jeremy in the Underworld, Jeremy is willing to help solve the first riddle, but is he ready to travel into the Underworld to do so?

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Jeremy in the Underworld by Becky Citra

Members' reviews

Thumbs Up thanks helped clear up my mind about satanism
18th of January 2019 by Darren Kao (Report)

so, ive come to the conclusion that satanism is gut and i suggest it :D this story proves that the underworld is a thing and even a boio called jeremy can gett here if he gut

Thumbs Up jeremy in the underworld
17th of January 2019 by Chinenye❤️✌🏾😍 Enekwa (Report)

ha ha ha

Thumbs Down a good book
24th of June 2018 by Isaac Scotney (Report)

a good book
good for younger children
in do prefer the percy Jackson books though

Thumbs Up A Great Book
24th of October 2013 by Ruksan Yoga rajah (Report)

this is a great book with lots of adventure about the Greek Underworld. Whoever is crazy about Greek should read this book although the percy Jackson series is better and is not in MyLi

Thumbs Up Popular with my nephew
18th of July 2013 by Rudo Beremauro (Report)

My nephew asks to use my iPad so he can read this book after he tried it at Digital Summer Camp in London. He loves anything about mythology.

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