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Dog Walker

Author(s): Karen Spafford-Fitz
ISBN: 1551435330
Published date: 1st of March 2006
Tags: dog walking, dogs, school

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Book Description

"Just one question, Turk," Mom says. "Why didn't you tell us sooner?"

Mom must have read another parenting article. I can almost see the headline: Getting your Teen to Open Up to You.

"Well, er...I wanted to get my business running before I said anything. And," I put on my most innocent face, "I had this crazy idea you might think my business was something shady, stupid or immoral."

I can't tell for sure, but I think Mom and Dad almost look ashamed.


Turk's moneymaking scheme gets out of control.

Turk needs cash, but he's allergic to his own sweat so getting a job is out of the question. Then he makes a discovery: Girls love dogs. Turk's friends will do anything to meet girls. Turk starts a dog walking business. His friends walk the dogs and Turk collects half the money. In an attempt to impress dog-loving Carly, Turk brags about his business in front of the school tough guy, Chuck. When Chuck learns the true nature of Turk's business and wants in on the action, Turk worries that he will lose his business and Carly's respect.

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Dog Walker by Karen Spafford-Fitz

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