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A Noodle Up Your Nose

Author(s): Frieda Wishinsky
ISBN: 1551432943
Published date: 1st of April 2004
Tags: birthday party, rumours, pirates

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Book Description

This year Kate was going to have the best birthday party.

The only trouble was her parents insisted she invite her whole class...

"I can't invite Violet," said Kate. "She's so bossy, she always wants everyone to do everything her way."

"Just boss her back," said Kate's dad.

Kate sighed. That was easy for her dad to say. No one could boss Violet back. Violet always got her way.

When Violet thinks that she isn't invited to Kate's birthday party, she spreads rumors that threaten to ruin everything.

Kate has decided on a pirate theme for her party. She thinks that seven is going to be the best age to be. Her friend Jake is going to teach her to ride a two-wheeler. And her party is going to be fabulous. That is, until Violet starts spreading stories. Kate goes right on with her planning, but she is worried. When Violet is the only one to show up on the big day, Kate thinks that her worst fears have come true.

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A Noodle Up Your Nose by Frieda Wishinsky

Members' reviews

Thumbs Up uhm
6th of March 2019 by Darren Kao (Report)

there's a noodle up my nose, call 911 coz i blame u

Thumbs Up a noodle up your nose
17th of January 2019 by Chinenye❤️✌🏾😍 Enekwa (Report)

cute and lovely

Thumbs Up Lovely book
17th of January 2019 by Toby Pearmain (Report)

Good book for kids.

Thumbs Up cute
9th of January 2019 by Archie Pearson (Report)

nice colours

Thumbs Up Terrible
9th of January 2019 by iban kelly (Report)

Not very good quite disappointed

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