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121 Express

Author(s): Monique Polak
ISBN: 155143976X
Published date: 1st of March 2008
Tags: school bus, peer pressure, school, popularity

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Book Description

"Cut it out!" the driver shouted. He might have said it again, but I couldn't tell for sure over all the noise.

In a weird way, I was having fun. When some of the kids around me started laughing, I laughed too. I reached for the ball of paper that had landed on the floor and threw it as hard as I could toward the back of the bus.

"Hey, new guy!" a voice called. "You pitch like a girl!"

I bristled. It was my own fault; I'd called attention to myself.

I knew whatever I did next was important. This was what my mom would call a defining moment. She says life is all about defining moments, only most people miss them. They're too busy doing other stuff.

It's survival of the fittest on this bus ride.

The students of the 121 express are infamous for bad behavior and Lucas knows his role on the bus will determine his social standing at his new school. Lucas is tired of being one of the nerds. When he attracts the negative attention of the cool troublemakers, he saves himself by teasing another kid. His ploy works and soon Lucas is right in the center of the mayhem on the bus. He loves his new found popularity, but when the fun and games push the bus driver to a nervous collapse and hospitalizes and elderly lady, Lucas begins to question his choices.

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121 Express by Monique Polak

Members' reviews

Thumbs Down wow rly
12th of February 2019 by Darren Kao (Report)

i didnt love every page (21 lolol btw)

Thumbs Up Great read
9th of February 2018 by Michael Gee (Report)

Loved every page

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