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The Tempest

Author(s): William Shakespeare
ISBN: 1451532512
Published date: 1st of January 1611
Tags: shakespeare, william, tempest, drama

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Book Description

The Tempest is a comedy written by William Shakespeare. It is generally dated to 1610-11 and accepted as the last play written solely by him, although some scholars have argued for an earlier dating. While listed as a comedy in its initial publication in the First Folio of 1623, many modern editors have relabelled the play a romance.

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The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Members' reviews

Thumbs Up Educating!
10th of January 2019 by Calum Dobson (Report)

This book really helped me with my Shakespeare and understanding of his language. I recommend this book to all key stage 3 and above students.

Thumbs Up lool
9th of January 2019 by Thomas Murphy (Report)


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