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Fraud Squad

Author(s): Michele Martin Bossley
ISBN: 1554691141
Published date: 1st of October 2009
Tags: dinosaur, fossils, fraud, museum, teen

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Book Description

A few feet from my face, huge jaws smiled menacingly, revealing curved sharp teeth perfect for tearing flesh. The creature looked ready to pounce if I moved so much as a baby finger.

"That is one big ugly dude," my cousin Nick said, shaking his spiky black hair out of his face.

Bones are not the only thing to uncover at this dinosaur dig.

When Trevor, Nick and Robyn visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Robyn is inspired to raise funds for a dinosaur dig that will close soon if it doesn't find funding. The kids are caught up in another mystery when a chain of suspicious events, including the disappearance of important fossils and a fraudulent discovery at the dig, leads them to wonder what's going on. Is the new visiting scientist behind the fraud, or did Robyn's enthusiasm to save the dig lead her astray?

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Fraud Squad by Michele Martin Bossley

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