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Fast Slide

Author(s): Melanie Jackson
ISBN: 155469342X
Published date: 1st of October 2010
Tags: crime, thieves, water park

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Book Description

She glanced around the park yet again. This time her gaze came to rest on Judd, at the top of the Boa. She turned to walk away—but not before I saw the glint of fear in her eyes.

Can Clay solve the mystery and still keep his head above water?

Clay would much rather work as a lifeguard at the beach than at Safari Splash, the new water park in town. He's certain the summer will drag along, despite his position at the Boa, the park's fastest slide. The summer job starts to get interesting when he learns that someone has been wandering the park in a lynx costume, scaring the staff. When forty thousand dollars is stolen from the till, and his friends are under suspicion for the theft, boring is starting to look good. But Clay is certain that the mask and the thefts are connected, and he's determined to solve the crime.

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Fast Slide by Melanie Jackson

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