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Author(s): Adrian Chamberlain
ISBN: 1459801504
Published date: 1st of March 2013
Tags: imaginary friend, lies, popularity at school

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Book Description

Make-believe cool is not quite enough.

Danny McBride is not the coolest kid in school, not in his wildest dreams. And if the other kids knew he spent his Saturday nights playing Parcheesi with his mom and working on a city made of Lego, he'd be even less cool. Danny wants more than anything to be popular. He creates a fictional British rocker named James and befriends him publicly online, hoping his make-believe friend's cool will rub off. It works. Danny starts making friends and feeling like part of the crowd—until people start wanting to meet the imaginary friend, and Danny's plan starts to unravel.

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FaceSpace by Adrian Chamberlain

Members' reviews

Thumbs Up Good
11th of February 2019 by Janindu Tissera (Report)

Good book

Thumbs Down face spaces
17th of January 2019 by Chinenye❤️✌🏾😍 Enekwa (Report)

umm ok

Thumbs Up Very good
11th of January 2019 by Calum Dobson (Report)

I liked this book because it taught me a lot about internet safety and how to stay safe on the internet.

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