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Gravity Check

Author(s): Alex Van Tol
ISBN: 1554693497
Published date: 1st of May 2011
Tags: camping, drug dealers, mountain bike

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Book Description

"I push all thoughts of falling out of my mind and focus on being one with the trail. I roll along, up rises and into dips like a wave following the ocean floor. I steal a peek behind me, the wind rushing through my helmet openings.

Warren has dropped back. He's slowed down to take the hill. Good. I've bought myself some time. I'm formulating a devious plan. If it works the way I want it to, I'll be able to put Warren away too. Without getting myself killed in the process."

Finding weed in the woods turns out to be a giant buzz-kill.

Jamie is determined that nothing—not even his annoyingly popular younger brother Seth—is going to spoil his fun at a mountain biking camp in the backcountry. Nothing but stumbling on a giant grow-op in the woods, that is. And watching their fellow campers get captured by violent drug dealers. And working with Seth to figure out a way to save them without getting caught themselves.

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Gravity Check by Alex Van Tol

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