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Matilda Peppercorn: Manx

Author(s): Jill Marshall
ISBN: 1927182328
Published date: 1st of October 2011
Tags: Adventure, Hero, Kickboxer, witches, friendship

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Book Description

Three weirdy women. Two Flying Matildas. One scary outcome.
Matilda Peppercorn is being watched.
Weirdy women keep popping up in all sorts of unexpected places - in her garden; at her kickboxing contest; up a tree at the creepy Ruins when she’s with her best friend and other half of the acrobatic Flying Matildas, Mattan Lundquist.
What's more, they're not just watching ...
They're testing her.
But what for? What they’re expecting is impossible, isn't it?
Even for the marvellous Matilda Peppercorn, it's hard to believe ...
Matilda Peppercorn: Manx - a fabulous new heroine from the creator of Jane Blonde. Join kick-boxing Tilly and her BFF Mattan as they take on a most unusual world - and then become a part of it.

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Matilda Peppercorn: Manx by Jill Marshall

Members' reviews

Thumbs Up Epic
13th of July 2013 by youssef Awadalla (Report)

A really interesting book, must read it again some time soon

Thumbs Up Heart racing excitement
31st of December 2012 by Meagan Pitt (Report)

Funny and action packed. Not one to miss :)

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