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Author(s): Anaru Bickford
ISBN: 1927182468
Published date: 1st of October 2011
Tags: Discovery, Dreams, Journey, Family, Maori, Mystery, New Zealand,

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Book Description

Tormented daily by the cousin who holds her responsible for ripping their family apart, Maori teenager Aroha has many, many other things to worry about. Though she lives in the US with her aunt and uncle, the dreams that have plagued her since her childhood in New Zealand are starting to recur more and more often.
The sun felt suddenly cold. 'You know so many things, Nanny,' I said.
'So do you, my Aroha.' She sat in silence for a while, then said, 'Well, what was it?'
'What was what?'
'The question,' she said. 'That the voice asked you.'
So I told her.
'How will love survive, when the whole world's on fire?'
Attacked from all sides, Aroha must learn to listen to her heart to discover the truth. AROHA is the story of a journey to find love, and to accept responsibility … at the end of the world.

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Aroha by Anaru Bickford

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