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High Speed

Author(s): D.C. Grant
ISBN: 1927182352
Published date: 1st of December 2011
Tags: Mystery, Police, Thriller, Tragedy,

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Book Description

When Jason Shaw is woken by cops at his front door, he knows instantly that something is wrong. The police - who are also friends of the family - confirm it. Jason’s parents have been involved in a high speed crash.

Everyone believes it's an accident, but then their home gets turned over as someone seems to be searching for something incriminating. When they find it, Jason finds himself in trouble, and out on his own.

Could it be connected to something his detective father was investigating? With his best friend Ben, Jason has to follow the clues to solve the mystery of the fatal collision. But who can he trust? How fast can he work? And who is trying to catch Jason Shaw?

High Speed is the first in the Catch Jason Shaw series, for anyone who loves a fast-paced thriller from age eleven upwards.

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High Speed by D.C. Grant

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