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Not a Cloud In The Sky

Author(s): Renita Boyle
ISBN: 1853459828
Published date: 22nd of March 2013
Tags: noah, animals, bible, christianity, family

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Book Description

This is the story of a godly man, a boatload of animals and a great flood - yes, it's Noah's Ark, as you've never seen it before! Discover how God made a fresh start in his wonderful world, spoiled by evil, by guiding Noah, his family, and every kind of creature on board an enormous wooden boat.

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Not a Cloud In The Sky by Renita Boyle

Members' reviews

Thumbs Down this is against my religion
18th of January 2019 by Darren Kao (Report)

sorry im a satanist and thats against my religion :annoyedface:

Thumbs Up Greatabstract concepts
11th of January 2019 by Boris Sabey (Report)

religious teachings weregreat

Thumbs Up Niece and nephews love it
18th of July 2013 by Rudo Beremauro (Report)

I always sign in and then hand my iPad over to the little munchkins and watch them entertain themselves with this book. They love the graphics!

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