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Earth Heroes: Champions of Wild Animals

Author(s): Carol L. Malnor
ISBN: 1584691239
Published date: 1st of September 2010
Tags: environmentalist, wildlife

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Book Description

This third and final volume of the Earth Heroes books features the youth and careers of eight of the worlds greatest environmentalists who championed the protection of wildlife. It includes the historic and contemporary figures of William Hornaday (saved the bison from extinction), Ding Darling (A Duck s Best Friend), Rachel Carson (author of Silent Spring), Roger Tory Peterson (Inventor of the Modern Field Guide), R.D. Lawrence (Storyteller for Wolves), E.O. Wilson (Lord of the Ants), Jane Goodall (Champion for Chimps), and Ian and Saba Douglas-Hamilton (Saving the Elephants). This highly readable volume with illustrations and photographs calls attention to the waves of influence that spread from the ideas and actions of these heroes for the Earth.

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Earth Heroes: Champions of Wild Animals by Carol L. Malnor

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