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Things A String Can Be

Author(s): Julie Goulis
ISBN: 0975462105
Published date: 1st of June 2005
Tags: pictures, children, adventure, imagination, rhymes, journey, activities

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Book Description

"It's just a silly string, this wet old thing." Or was it? Follow a little boy as he leaves the house with nothing in tow but his imagination. He finds a wet, old string in a big puddle and spends the day dreaming of ways to take it on extraordinary adventures. Rhyming, repetition and bold, colorful graphics stimulate children to entertain themselves through creative thinking. First of a series.

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Things A String Can Be by Julie Goulis

Members' reviews

Thumbs Up Easy rhymes and great pictures!
30th of August 2013 by Rudo Beremauro (Report)

Fantastic rhymes and great pictures that's niece and nephew enjoy together, a must read for little ones!

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